Animation Schedule!

Alright this semester’s project will be to produce a 2-3 minute short animation based off my thesis!

Scheduling will be pretty tight but here is my breakdown of time!

16 weeks! ( 14 left…)

week 1-2 ( back to class/re-familiarize myself to the cruel mistress “Maya”)
week 3-4 Revise and edit my storyboard, really nail down a concrete time with a full animated storyboard. 
Week 5-6 Block out all poses to begin animation
Week 7-10(by thanksgiving break)Animate
Week 11(after Thanksgiving break) Refine and lock down all animations 
Week 12-13 rendering/editing 
Week 14 upload and present!

(animation/blocking can be combined as one long process depending on time to complete) 


Semester Squared!


Thats Right… Semiotic time! 

By now any followers (few as they might be) have seen one or two of these. This fun little diagram is a visual representation of how i relate a timeless art, Animation (defined by me as a visual representation of movement). I have done a few of these and i still cannot decide if they become easier with time, due to my familiarity; or more difficult, i think too much about it and never really agree with myself as to which term fits where. This time i think i cracked it! To me animation can be simple as a 4 frame comic strip. There is movement between these “key” frames (see what i did there) to depict action of one or many characters. Now at first glance this may seem to be the easiest form its only 4 images. I have learned while developing my own short film that this is in fact not the case and i realize that it becomes exponentially more difficult to show significant action in such a limited space. The difference between a good and bad animation sequence is a mixture of pacing and a  gesturally significant character. Good animation isnt about how technically superior your model, environment, or rendering is, it is the ability of the character to emote, and convey the action clearly. For example the now world famous “Luxo Jr.” short by Jon Lasseter is 2:12 work featuring 2 lamps and a sphere. These characters are brought to life through the work of some great animation work. 


In other words this semester will be about delivering a focused, well paced, 2-3 minute short featuring the Miguel character i have (over?)worked on the last semester. I hope to utilize traditional animation methods and if budget permits some motion capture! 

Stay Tuned!